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Youthful Nostalgia - By Liam Fawell


Dancing across the globe to find what was there all along. A visual story from a point in time where life was about chasing dreams and believing that anything was possible. An exploration of world and self. Conscious of wanting to hold onto those special moments but realising they were already slipping away and becoming memories. A chance to capture it all on film and make it available, so others can share this experience. Reflecting on a time where it felt like anything was possible, and realising that nothing has really changed. The world is still yours, and this, is Youthful Nostalgia.

Liam is from Fremantle, Western Australia

Pages: 168

Dimensions: 280 x 230 (mm)

Paper: 140gsm Woodfree Uncoated Paper

Hardcover: Finelinen Wibalin + Foil Stamp