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Frankie Issue 98



Frankie issue 98 is here! It’s filled with lots of wonderful stuff tucked away inside. Some examples: a lady who’s started a doomsday collection of bread tags. A book club devoted to First Nations stories. Some old-fashioned insults that are due for a comeback (you slugabed!). A cosy home built inside a former yellow school bus. There are also puzzles to keep your mind chugging along, facts about some of our favourite native birds, and a few nifty – and natural – ways to make your house smell nice. We talk boobs in all their droopy, sensitive, meal-making glory, meet a Wellington drag king with an important message, and consider the life lessons that come from learning to ride a motorbike. Oh, and just a little thing: you’ll finally meet the winners of the 2020 Good Stuff awards! They’re a mighty fine bunch, and we can’t wait for you to get to know them.