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Dreamfarm - Kneed Black



Have a knife changing experience with Dreamfarm Kneed Spreading Knife. The clever design makes this knife do it all from cutting to spreading and scooping - all with ease. Its razor-sharp chef’s blade on one side is great for just about any chopping task while the brilliant spreader on the other lets you spread and scoop without tearing apart bread or a container filled with delicious jam.


Key Features:

Cleverly designed knife that cuts, spreads, scoops - has a razor-sharp chef’s blade on one side; a brilliant spreader on the other

Titanised stainless steel blade will never rust and has no coating that will chip or flake off

Unique blade tip lets you scrape everything out of a container without scratching it or tearing your bread

Wide-mouth sheath creates a built-in plastic wrap cutter and protects the blade in your kitchen drawers

The perfect avocado tool - use the sharp side to cut it open and remove the avocado pit; flip it over and use the spreading side to slice, scoop, and spread