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Dumbo Feather issue 69



Issue 69: Systems Change

We need to collectively shape a culture that enablesour current systems toradically change!We’re facing multiple, interconnected crises that require us to dismantle our existing systems. We need ingenuity across all sectors from manufacturing to media, governance to economics and we need to collectively shape a culture that enables our current systems to change.And our friends at Dumbo Feather are doing just that! Pick up a copy of Systems Change to discover the stories of extraordinary people who are creating a world in which we can all flourish, by living in harmony with a thriving planet!

The five extraordinary profiles this issue are: 

  • Social philosopher, Daniel Schmachtenberger
  • Regenerative farmer, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
  • Systems thinker and multisolver, Elizabeth Sawin
  • Rocker activist, Peter Garrett 
  • Inventor and recycling crusader, Veena Sahajwalla