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Dumbo Feather - Issue 61



Theme: Climate change 

A major catalyst for this issue, particularly the essays in our upfront section, has been Jem Bendell’s “Deep Adaptation” paper, which provides a scientific case for the near-term collapse of our current paradigms. It’s hugely challenging, but as many people in this issue point to, it’s also an invitation—to think differently, to live differently, to create new systems and come together in new ways. It’s an invitation to let go of behaviours that have kept our lives convenient and small.

This framing has been a powerful shift for me personally. Rather than tuning out of conversations about our changing planet, I’m thinking about what I might have to offer at this time, how I can deepen my connections with those around me and give back to the earth. There’s less responding from fear (and feeling like I need to prepare for the apocalypse), and more responding from spaciousness and a sense of what’s possible. I’m also realising how powerful it can be to take pleasure in what’s essential.