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Frankie Issue 104



We’re grinning from ear to ear, and it’s not just because the sun’s come out to play... The reason for our chipper mood? frankie 104 is here, and there’s plenty of ace stuff behind its mellow yellow cover.

This time round we put 2000s trends to the test (spoiler alert: forums still rule; bum-skimming jeans not so much). We also caught up with a couple who turned a vending machine into a creative business, met two chums helping folks have heart-to-hearts with their immigrant parents, and learnt about India’s first all-female newsroom.

Elsewhere in the issue you’ll find a handy guide to Alice Springs, a curious collection of illustrated cookbooks, some spiffy spring sandals and plenty more eye-pleasing things to gaze at.

Plus, you’ll meet the uber-talented winners of the 2021 Good Stuff awards!