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Frankie Issue 101



Well, well, well, what do we have here? Just another rad issue of frankie magazine!

Issue 101 is officially on sale, and here’s a taste of what you’ll find within its pages: folks who are partners in both work and life; jewellery that’s a little bit bad taste and a little bit nice; recipes to keep your tummy full on the lead-up to payday; and one vibrant fibro shack in paradise. There’s also a confession from a feminist who loves housework and a rundown of some of history’s most notorious conwomen. We road-test everyday pens, investigate the science of accents and meet some rescued chooks who have started a sweet new life. Magic, grief, dog wee and compost – we discuss all that and an awful lot more.

See for yourself by picking up a copy, if you wish! We really hope you enjoy it.