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Frankie magazine Issue 95



A brand-new issue of frankie is now on sale in Australia and there are loads of wondrous things between its covers.

A dame who’s bringing deep-sea exploration to the masses, for one, plus another turning discarded festival tents into nice-looking bags. Also on the menu: a pint-size crochet museum standing deep in the Californian desert, a nifty guide to op-shopping like a gosh-darn pro, first-person accounts of some major world events, and regular words that actually came from people’s names (see: nachos, cardigan and saxophone). There’s an ode to motherhood in all its glory and grossness, and a bunch of bath ‘recipes’ using natural ingredients.

And of course, we have our usual shedload of lovely photography, pretty arty-crafty stuff, music, travel and mildly hilarious opinion pieces.