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Gift Vouchers - Coronavirus Edition, 2020



While I'm trapped at home, twiddling my fingers, I thought I'd individually MAKE some Gift Vouchers for people to buy during the ISOLATION phase of this wild pandemic that we're currently living through. 

These are individual A6 collages - all original and one of a kind, which you get to keep (as I'll cleverly record your details on some sort of spreadsheet). 

Gift Vouchers are great becasue:

1) It's like money in the bank for you as, after this NIGHTMARE, you get to come in and choose some fun K&A products "FOR FREE" (it will feel like 'free' when you use it, I promise).

2) I get a little bit of income coming in while we're closed - which would be wonderful because: yikes.

3) Sending a Gift Voucher to a friend or loved one would make a GREAT surprise and a lovely, thoughtful gift - even thought it screams, 'I didn't know what to get you'. No human doesn't appreciate a gift voucher. Especially when you can disguise it as 'I bought you art'. 

4) It's more fun to shop IRL, and this will make you get out of your house - when we're allowed to get out of our houses. 

5) It'll be a surprise which design you get. I might even have to make it en route to the Post Office.