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Good Pair Bumi Socks Olive



These Good Pair Socks are:

Suitable for He or She

Designed and Made in Malaysia

Length - 200mm


Socks Size Male Female

EUR 38 - 44 38 - 44

US 6 - 10.5 7.5 - 12

UK 5.5 - 10 5 - 9.5

JPN 24 - 28.5

23.5 - 28

Non Elastic

To keep your feet warm without the elastic bands binding against your skin, our socks is a perfect daily companion.

Made with the best

All Good Pair socks are made with high quality cotton blends and spandex in the 80:20 ratio. 

High density, higher level of comfort

As 200-needles is the highest gauge used in sock making, Good Pair socks feel finer (a.k.a higher level of comfort) and more durable due to the high density stitching.

Goodbye nasty seams

Just like all top quality hosieries, Goodpair Socks boasts a handlinked toe so you don have to deal with nasty seams.

Extra Light Maximum Wicking

Deep Heel Pocket for more flex, combining a wider heel design and elastic cuffs to give you a better fit.