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Mise En Abyme - Jan Mammey



In Mise en abyme, German photographer Jan Mammey gives new life to his photographic archive. As the title suggests, each image reproduced in the book reveals a photograph, photographed from the studio wall. Mammey's photographs were mounted and displayed in his studio, and reproduced as is from the studio. The motifs in the book come from the postmodern world of things that we encounter every day: advertising, diagrams, architectural models, pictures in shop windows: subjects living in subjects living in subjects. Leafing through the book, relationships eventually become visible between the initially disparate imagery. Recurring forms, colours and textures seem like invisible connecting lines that condense into an abstract narration. Features text by German artist Carsten Tabel.


168 pages, 27.5 x 22 cm, soft cover, Kodoji Press (Baden)