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Self Promotion Without Social Media


Self-Promotion Without Social Media reveals how creatives and solo business owners from all industries can increase their visibility, attract clients and market their work, without the daily grind of active social media promotion.

Social media is often touted as an ideal platform to connect with customers and clients, but it's becoming increasingly tougher to see results without large budgets or time spent on the platforms. Self-Promotion Without Social Mediarecognises this challenge and inspires readers to experiment and engage with other avenues for self-promotion.

The interactive workbook element sets Self-Promotion Without Social Media apart from other contemporary non-fiction business marketing books. The book also features interviews with small business owners, checklists for best practice, and lessons learned from the author's own business journey.

Written and designed by Tess McCabe, author of Graphic Design Speak: Tips, Advice and Jargon Defined for Non-Graphic Designers, this guide packed with actionable, tried-and-true self-promotion strategies from one small business owner to another.