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Smith Journal Issue 26



Holy mackerel (or, ah, goldfish): Smith Journal volume 26 is out now!

Inside this issue you’ll find a photo essay on Hong Kong’s living good luck charms: tiny fish prized for their superpowers as well as their looks. We take some leadership lessons from Tim Jarvis, a scientist who’s hell-bent on recreating history’s most dangerous expeditions even if it kills him, then stop off in North Korea to meet the country’s new generation of makers and – dare we say – capitalists. We meet a retired FBI agent who spends his time tracking down ‘lost’ apples, get the lowdown on Barbie’s plastic boyfriend, and pay a trip to some very real looking, totally fake cities.

Want more?

We’ve got robot lawyers, political pirates, LSD-taking scientists, and a woman who makes death masks for a ‘living’. All that, plus heaps more photos, history, science and adventure.

Sound good? Grab your copy now!