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Smith Journal Issue 32



Turn on your out-of-office: Smith Journal volume 32 is out now.

Inside this issue you’ll get interior design tips (more don'ts than do’s) from 1970s business executives, go hunting for spaceships in a Russian forest, drink alcohol that has scientists scratching their heads, and shoot hoops in the Philippines.

Looking for life advice from comedian, filmmaker and self-appointed “filth elder” John Waters? Look no further than Smith Journal volume 32 then, because that’s exactly what it has. You’ll also meet a man building his own glaciers to combat climate change, see what life would be like for an artist on Mars, and learn what weather forecasts have to do with predicting war.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also ponder the artistic bona fides of musical holograms, go crime-solving with the world’s only font detective, examine the doodles of Dwight Eisenhower and Queen Victoria, and see what professional designers can learn from Turkish street hawkers.