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The Wilderness Journal - Volume 2


The Wilderness Journal team worked once again with esteemed book designer Stuart Geddes and Rachel Knepfer, shaping the material into something classical and beautifully unexpected, with the very lightest footprint.

We thank the brilliant and generous contributors to Wilderness Journal, some of the world’s finest photographers, scientists, artists, illustrators and writers - all of whom have given their time and their talents as a force for protecting nature.

Contributors include Andrew Cowen, Ben Baker, Bunna Lawrie, Emma Balfour, Ingvar Kenne, Matthew Stanton, Michaela Skovranova, Paul McNeil, Renee Saxby, Robert Moore, Sophie Cunningham.

Limited run; 65mm x 240mm x 10mm (spine) and 192 pages, with a dust jacket, the book is an additional 64 pages on the previous title, a fabulous gift or inspiring addition to your nature book library.

It’s made from 100% recycled paper and section-sewn, printed and bound by local businesses in Naarm / Melbourne.

All proceeds go back to the Wilderness Society.