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Blue Lawn Designs Tea Towel - New Holland Honeyeater



The New Holland Honeyeater is found throughout southern Australia. The subspecies P. n. longirostris is specific to Western Australia. It is a very active and gregarious bird and when danger approaches, a group will form together giving out warning calls.

They mainly feed from the nectar of flowers and are consequently, key pollinators of many plant species such as Banksia, Hakes, Xenthorrhoea (Grass tree), and Acacia. They supplement their diet with insects that are rich in protein. They make a bow-shaped nest in shrubs or small trees and usually lay two eggs. 

100% linen tea towels, hand screen-printed with water-based inks right in Fremantle. The fabric size is 50 x 70cm and the printed area is approximately 41 x 55cm.

Can be framed in a standard IKEA frame.