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About Us

I wrote this 'About' section approximately fifty thousand times - but discovered that writing in third-person is a quick way to make a shop sound completely lame and forgettable. 

So - I'm just going to write it first person, and ultimately tell you COME IN AND SAY HELLO if you can, but if not - go nuts online (and let me quickly remind you how much your purchase means to me as a small business owner. THANK YOU.) 

As you'll see from the webshop - Kate and Abel is full of all sorts of products... books, specialist magazines, blankets, taxidermy, knives, ceramics, cards, kitchenware and loads more.

I started our (ex) in-house hat label, St. Saviours, in East London back in 2009. It was a spare bedroom/ hobby/ market-stall /side project which turned into a full-time job. After a few years of smashing it in the Big Smoke (not really, but let's just pretend) - I moved back to Australia and in 2013, and opened Kate and Abel inside MANY 6160 in Fremantle.

In August 2021, we opened the new shop at 47 Market Street and we're still here till Jan 2023 at this stage. Then... who knows / stay tuned / etc... 2023 marks our 10th year as retail big-wigs (ha) so that's reason to celebrate. 

Kate in front of the magazine display at Kate and Abel