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About Us

I wrote this 'About' section approximately fifty thousand times - but discovered that writing in third-person is a quick way to make a shop sound completely lame and forgettable. 

So - I'm just going to write it first person, and ultimately tell you COME IN AND SAY HELLO if you can, but if not - go nuts online (and let me quickly remind you how much your purchase means to me as a small business owner. THANK YOU.) 

As you'll see from the webshop - Kate and Abel is full of all sorts of products... books, specialist magazines, blankets, taxidermy, knives, ceramics, cards, kitchenware and loads more - but the shop is anchored around our in-house hat brand, St. Saviours. 

I started St. Saviours in East London back in 2009. It was a spare bedroom/ hobby/ market-stall /side project which turned into a full-time job. After a few years of smashing it in the Big Smoke (not really, but let's just pretend) - I moved back to Australia and in 2013, and opened Kate and Abel inside MANY 6160 in Fremantle.

In August 2021, we opened the new pop-up shop at 47 Market Street and we're still here till Jan 2023 at this stage. Then... who knows / stay tuned / etc. 

Kate making a hat in Kate and Abel