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Donations and donating

If we lived in utopia, every human on the planet would be treated equally, with equal opportunities and equal treatment from everyone else around them.

We do not live in utopia, and many people are falling behind (while a greedy few are leaping ahead in wealth and power). It's gross. 

As such, we've chosen a few charities and organisations to support every month in the hope that we can contribute to the quest for equality and social justice. When there is an 'oh shit' kind of crisis happening (fire, floods, overturning of reproductive rights, murder of an innocent boy in the street...), we will support them too.

Note: Setting up a direct debit so a bit of money is deducted every month is such an easy way to help those people and places that need it - you don't have to think about it, but you know you are doing your bit. Think about doing it too, if you have the means.

Our chosen charities and organisations are; 


To protect the health, human rights and fundamental freedoms that are significant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women through cultural preservation, health education and coalition building.


An Australian mental health and wellbeing support organisation that provides support programs to address issues related to depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental illnesses.


ACF is Australia's national environment organisation. They see an Australia where nature and people thrive and empower people to stand up for nature.


Supporting and empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged people to create positive change in their lives – especially for people experiencing homelessness, family and domestic violence and mental health challenges.


Green parties have an expansive vision that challenges the narrow economic focus of the major parties. Their vision of the future is based on four interconnecting pillars of social justice, ecological sustainability, peace and nonviolence, and participatory democracy.

This year we've also supported Children's Ground and Save our Songlines who are doing vital work. Each month, we've also contributed to the journalism of The MonthlyCrikey, The Guardian, The New York Times and Sarah Wilson