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Creative Consultancy

I spend a lot of my week helping other people, businesses and organisations with their creative ideas, executions and plans. I have two decades of experience in public-focused, creative-oriented fields, and it’s this background that enables me to effectively support others in their ventures. 

If you would like my assistance with your creative concept — for instance if you’d love help in taking a project from idea to reality, or you’re looking for support in developing a plan of attack, or you would simply benefit from your ideas being reviewed — I offer 90 minute sessions, or ongoing project support, depending on what best suits your needs. We can also talk about copywriting and film photography, which could be the missing link in your plan - I’ve got you covered!

Please get in touch with some headline details, and we can forge the best path forward. If you are ready to book a session, please reserve your place by following this link

Recent projects have included work for Toyota, Como The Treasury, the City of Fremantle, Falls Festival, the City of Joondalup, Design Week, The Pickle District, Spacemarket and the Fremantle Biennale.

Before starting my own business, I worked in communications, events, marketing and advertising in London for about a decade. This work included public facing communications and political relations for the London Underground, as well as delivering large-scale events, business branding and design, activations and copywriting. 

I am the owner-operator of the (much loved!) bricks and mortar design store, Kate and Abel, and am an award-winning photographer and artist located in Fremantle, Western Australia. I studied social and industrial-organisational psychology at the University of Western Australia and am passionate about the environment and social justice. 

Kate Hulett sitting in the Naval Stores, Fremantle. Photography by Dual Pixel Creative.