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Hello, thanks for visiting.

We're open five days a week in our physical store, which is located at 47 Market Street, Fremantle. Pop in sometime! 

Wednesday 10 - 4

Thursday 10 - 4

Friday 10 - 4

Saturday 10 - 4

Sunday 11 - 4

If you'd like to buy online, but collect from the shop (to save on shipping), there is a PICK UP option in the delivery section - I'll contact you to arrange a good time to meet at the shop to pick up your purchases. 

You can also follow us on Instagram - @kateandabelperth or sign up to our newsletter (bottom of page) or drop us an email via to see what we're up to...

See you soon! 

ps. I'm sorry if you've previously visited this page and used the 'contact form' to get in touch. Turns out it wasn't working and so all those questions, comments and propositions are currently floating in outer space, unanswered. I guess it's been like that for years, which is really not ideal. My website skills stretched to removing the defunct form, and adding my email address, above. I'm a true master of none.