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Blue Lawn Designs Tea Towel - Wild Budgerigars



The Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulates) is found wild throughout the drier parts of Australia where the species has survived for the last five million years. They are opportunistic breeders and respond to rains when grass seeds become abundant. They are affectionate to their flock-mates, preening or feeding one another. Nests are made in holes in trees, fence posts, or logs lying on the ground; the four to six eggs are incubated for 18–21 days, with the young fledging about 30 days after hatching.Screen printed by hand in Fremantle on 100% Linen.

The fabric size is 50 x 70cm and the printed area is approximately 41 x 55cm. 
Can be framed in a standard IKEA frame.