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What Do I Really Want to Achieve?



Reconsider the things that really matter to you with a priority-reset courtesy of the School of Life's What Do I Really Want To Achieve?

Asking the big questions is why we so often turn to the School of Life, and What Do I Really Want To Achieve? goes right for some of the toughest quandaries we find ourselves in. The card set invites you to consider the things that are most important in your life, from Love and Money to Leisure, Mood, Body, Self and more. By making these aspects of life more concrete, What Do I Want To Achieve? prompts you to compare how you're actually balancing these priorities versus your ideal state. Could you dial back on work to make more time to recover? How much time and effort do you give to looking after your body? These small cards introduce some big challenges, to help you pay attention to the things that really matter.