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Do Hope - Why You Should Never Give Up


Gail Muller, a chronic pain sufferer, was told to ‘give up hope’ of a recovery and accept that she would be in a wheelchair by 40. She refused. She eventually found a cure and went on to walk the legendary Appalachian Trail. But what is hope? And why do we need it now more than ever?

In this book, Gail shares her own story of survival and what she has learnt: that hope is not just a platitude, it’s a powerful and energising catalyst towards better days. A light in the dark. But sometimes hope can fade – and if that happens, how do we get it back? In Do Hope you will:

Meet the Three Musketeers: resilience, perseverance and self-worth
Develop tools to feel reinvigorated and realigned
Discover what really makes you happy
Appreciate how helping others can lift you too

For those times when we feel adrift, challenged or face adversity, Do Hope will help us keep the flame of hope alive.