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No Silly Questions - The Daily Aus


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the news cycle and a bit lost without the background to everything that’s going on?

You care what’s happening in the world – but you can’t help feeling you missed the part where the key stuff got explained. What’s a budget deficit? How does voting actually work? What’s the deal with the UN? And what does net zero mean again?

Thankfully, No Silly Questions is here to lay out the facts and principles behind the day’s headlines. Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski, creators of The Daily Aus – Australia’s leading social-first news service – are like your super well-informed mates who you can rely on to quickly bring you up to speed.

They will plug your knowledge gaps with jargon-free explainers on everything from emissions trading and crypto to interest rates and human rights, so you can avoid the anxiety of asking the ‘silly’ questions and get on with your day feeling more knowledgeable and assured.