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Six Stamps in Search of a Letter - by Tim Ross



“Looking through a stack of my Dad’s old things, I found a yellow Kodak box full of Australian stamps from the 1970s. As I flicked through them, I realised how vividly I remembered the designs from my childhood. Stamps are the perfect-sized artworks for little people, a bit like Matchbox cars where I used to open the door of one and imagine being small enough to get inside and sit on its  impossibly small seat.

As I flicked through the stamp collection, some drew me in more than others. Some gave me an immediate nostalgia hit, while others jumped out because of their exceptional design - a reminder of a time when our stamps actually looked good. Six of them sat forlornly on my desk for months, curling slightly, waiting for a purpose.

One day I decided what they really needed was a letter” 

A mini book featuring six stamps and six letters.

Written by Tim Ross.

Designed and Printed in Australia by Page 38.

20 pages. 148 x 210 mm