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The Seasons of Her - by N. M. Mooney


The Seasons of Her is an exploration of the feminine body through the act of writing in each period of the feminine cycle - winter, spring, summer, autumn. Divided into the four phases, the book explores how emotions and feelings change within the cycle.

This collection of writing is for anyone that has ever wanted to feel connected, heard or understood, waiting for you to read when you need it most.

Nicole is a young poet from WA, self publishing her work - with one reviewer saying, 

'Reminiscent of the style of Rupi Kaur, Mooney’s poetry feels like a warm literary hug and is filled with a myriad of metaphors to the cycles of nature that offer comfort, empathy and encouragement for everyone but especially for young women aged 12 years and over. A delightful and endearing new voice in Australian poetry.'