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WRITING FOR BUSY READERS - Communicate more effectively in the real world


We were all taught the fundamentals of writing well in school. But how do we write effectively in today’s hyper-interactive world?

When The Elements of Style and On Writing Well were published in 1959 and 1976, the internet hadn’t been invented. Since then, there has been a radical transformation in how we communicate. The average adult receives over 100 emails and tens of text messages each day. With all this correspondence, gaining a busy reader’s attention is now a competition.

Todd Rogers and Jessica Lasky-Fink, both behavioural scientists, offer practical writing advice you can use today. They begin by outlining cognitive facts about how busy people read, then detail six research-backed principles for effective writing:

  • Use fewer words
  • Lower the reading level
  • Use formatting judiciously
  • Make the purpose clear for skimmers
  • Emphasise value for readers
  • Make responding as easy as possible.
‘This book won’t just make you a better writer — it will turn you into a more effective communicator. Writing for Busy Readers is a surprisingly captivating guide to conjuring words that captivate people. Move over, AI: this is the ultimate guide to sharpen every meaningful message you craft.’